Project Synopsis

Audio Nomad is an ongoing recording project combining cutting edge electronic music, sound design and an eclectic mix of instruments and atmospheres from around the globe. It's an undertaking conducted predominately for artistic rather than commercial reasons and a percentage of any profits will go to charities such as Amnesty International. To give the finished CD a truly unifying, global feel, part of the brief is to attract musicians and vocalists, both professional and otherwise, from around the World to contribute to the venture via the internet.

All the songs are now written and we are currently searching for musicians and vocalists to add small phrases, embellishments or ad-libs over the backing tracks for us to include as necessary. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee your recordings will be used for artistic or technical reasons and because of the nature of the project everybody involved is contributing free of any payment. However, we will add your profile to the list of artists on the Nomad web-site, with links back to your own web address, if applicable, and if your material is included you will of course be credited on the finished CD. If you are interested in taking part please contact us and we will send you the backing tracks for you to improvise over. You can then send us back your recordings via an internet 'drop box' we have set up which makes this process very easy.

We apologise for only having this brief synopsis in Spanish and ask that you make any future correspondence in English if at all possible. Please click below to enter the main site which has more information (in English only) including further details on the project, audio examples and a list of artists already involved.