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A message from Andy Davies

As many of you know, Audio Nomad was originally conceived as a fun, creative venture to fit in-between my TV and media work. However, as soon as I started the project, the TV jobs ramped up and Nomad has been continually kicked to the sidelines ever since. In fact, it become something of a good luck charm as, fortunately, work kept rolling in continually throughout the economic downturn.

However, I have decided to take a break from making music for the foreseeable future. After 20 plus years of writing for television I think some time away is in order and I hope to come back refreshed, rejuvenated and with renewed vigor at some point.

As most of the artist contributions are now complete and some of the tracks are about finished bar a good mix, it wouldn’t take a Herculean effort to complete the project but I really don’t want to continue half-heartedly without enthusiasm or passion as I think this would be reflected in the finished album. Therefore, until my mojo returns, like myself, Nomad will be taking a long hiatus.