Built specifically for audio/visual work the studio is well-equipped for music recording. Although not for commercial hire, the odd voice-over, short film dub or band session has taken place here in the past when clients have twisted our arms or caught us off guard. We have a live room big enough for bands or small ensembles, and a substantial mic collection including Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Rode, Sony and Shure.

The control room bristles with midi gear and outboard effects. However, the majority of recording and processing is now carried out ‘in the box’ on an Apple Mac Pro system bursting with the latest software instruments, sound libraries and processors. Mixes are carried out on a Mackie D8B console with full moving fader automation and monitoring is via  Mackie HR824’s with Sony TV speakers at the ready for cross checking.

We have built up a list of talented session musicians over the years who can be called on whenever we need anything from a string or brass section through to the weird and wonderful. See the Gallery pages for studio pics.

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